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Fish Records


Oregon Warmwater Gamefish Records

as compiled by the Oregon Bass & Panfish Club

Species Weight Year Where Angler
Bass, Hybrid White 19 lb 12oz 12//10/14 Ana Reservoir Chad Meadows
Bass, Largemouth 12 lb,1.6 oz 07/06/02 Ballenger Pond, Springfield B. Adam Hastings
Bass, Smallmouth 8 lb, 1.76 oz 05/10/05 Henry Hagg Lake Nick Rubeo
Bluegill 2 lb,5.5 oz 05/12/81 Farm Pond Wayne Elmore
Catfish, Bullhead 3 lb, 7 oz 08/04/01 Henry Hagg Lake Bob Judkins
Catfish, Channel 36 lb, 8 oz 09/17/80 McKay Reservoir Boone Haddock
Catfish, Flathead 42 lb, 0 oz 06/27/94 Snake River Joshua Kralicek
Catfish, White 15 lb, 0 oz 04/22/89 Tualatin River Wayne Welch
Crappie, Black 4 lb, 0 oz 05/01/78 Lost River (Klamath Falls) Billy R. Biggs
Crappie, White 4 lb,12 oz 05/22/67 Gerber Reservoir Jim Duckett
Perch, Yellow 2 lb,2 oz 06/05/71 Brownsmead Ernie Affolter III
Perch, Sacramento 0 lb,11.2 oz 05/01/98 Lost River Jonathan Cogley
Sunfish, Green 0 lb,11 oz 04/25/91 Umpqua River John Baker
Sunfish, Pumpkinseed 0 lb,7.68 oz 07/10/96 Lake Oswego Linda Mar
Sunfish, Redear 1 lb,15.5 oz 08/01/92 Reynolds Pond Terence Bice
Walleye 19 lb,15.3 oz 02/20/90 Columbia River Arnold Berg
Warmouth 1 lb,14.2 oz 12/27/75 Columbia Slough Jess Newell

As a point of information, you may be interested in knowing about the foregoing Oregon State Warmwater Fish Records. In the early 1960s, at the request of the then Oregon Game Commission, now the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), the Oregon Bass and Panfish Club, Inc. (OBPC), became the official keeper of state records for all warmwater fish. As we had our finger on the pulse of what was being caught statewide and because ODFW did not have the manpower to maintain the records, it was decided that the only club (OBPC) registered in Oregon at that time could better handle the task. Thanks in large part to the diligence and dedicated efforts of our first contest chairman, Roy Hughes (deceased), and the succeeding contest chairmen, we are recognized as the official source for this information. All district offices of ODFW and all other bass clubs in the state know to contact us with new applications/submissions or inquiries. This information is also supplied to the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and the International Game Fish Association for their official world and USA state record publications.

World Warmwater Fish Records (as compiled by the IGFA)