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July Photos


Mount Hood Community College Pond - July 11
Several members of the club spent the day at the pond teaching kids from Camp Angelo the finer points of warmwater fishing.  Camp Angelo is a  week-long camp for kids ages 9-14 sponsored by the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation.  This warmwater fishing event is just one of their many activities during the week.  Thanks to all those who volunteered their time.

Members rerig rods for the approximately 40 kids
that will be showing up for the morning session

Mike Myrick with his group of designated kids

One camper proudly displays a nice pumpkinseed

Tom Nelson & Norm RIchie performing the task of
putting fresh bait on the campers hooks

The rocks near the dam were considered the "hot"
spot for catching fish

Jay Russell and Herb Doumitt with a few of the
campers in the afternoon session