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March Photos


March 9 - The Bass are coming! The Bass are Coming!
Bob Judkins got the 2012 bass season started by catching these two nice bass in the Willamette River.  They measured 16 1/2" and 17 3/4".
Photos courtesy of Russ Miyada, Jim Liddell & Randy Mock


Columbia River - Rufus - March 24
Nine hardy club fishermen showed up for the usual rainy, windy walleye fish-in at Rufus.  News flash! The sun shown most of thel day and the wind never got above a breeze and the temperature got into the 50's.  As an extra added bonus, there was walleye caught all around.  Over 20 walleye were landed on what the guides were calling a tough fishing day.  

Ken Valk with his first walleye as a club member

Randy Mock had big fish of the day with this
27.5", 7lb 3 oz beauty

Randy's friend Ed Hodgson with a nice walleye


Jim Liddell had a really good day

Bill Ramsour & Bob Judkins show some their catch
Bill's 24" walleye was one of the bigger fish caught

Jim Liddell & Ken Valk with Jim's
first walleye of the day

Bob Judkins and Bill Ramsour landed 7 walleye