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August Photos


Multnomah Channel - August 2
Herb Doumitt was the winner of the Multnomah Channel Walleye Fishing Trip with Bob Judkins, but he graciously gave his seat to his wife Carol for the trip.  Herb rode along with Tom Nelson to record the event for posterity.
Photos courtesy of Herb Doumitt

Bob caught the first walleye of the day

Trolling crankbaits was one method
of catching the toothy critters

Carol and Bob show off the day's catch

Multnomah Channel - August 15
Bob Judkins, Bud Hartman and Tom Nelson hit the river in persuit of the tasty walleye.   Their luck was good and they caught several among the three of them.  An example of their catch is shown below.


Lacamas Lake, WA - Aug 25
Russ Miyada went to Lacamas midmorning and picked up three largemouth bass, a 12-incher, a 14-incher and this nice pinfish of a lunker.  It hit a green-pumpkin 5-inch Senko in heavy shade.  It was 20 5/8" long and weighed 6lb 1oz.
Photo courtesy of Russ Miyada


Carol followed suit, landing a walleye of her own

Carol catches her second walleye of the day,
and it was a nice one

Tenmile Lakes - Mid Aug
Jack Strayer and Russ Miyada took a fishing trip to Tenmile Lakes in mid-August to seek their favorite freshwater quarry – the venerable Largemouth Bass.  The weather was good and the bite was tough, but they had lots of fun and managed to catch a few two pounders.

Photos & commentary courtesy of Russ Miyada



Multnomah Channel - August 28
Photo courtesy of Jim Liddlell

Jim Liddell caught this nice 23" walleye
on a Rapala Tail Dancer