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July Photos


Mount Hood Community College Pond - July 13
Members of OBPC came to the pond to instruct and assist kids from Camp Angelos who were here to learn to catch panfish. Sponsored by the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation, this summer camp for kids teaches the basics of coldwater and warmwater fishing while providing other camp activities, such as arts and crafts, archery, hiking and rafting.
Over 80 kids attended, split into morning and afternoon groups.  Russ Miyada and Bob Judkins chaired the event with about 20 members assisting.  While normally the pond holds only bluegill and pumpkinseed at this time of year, we found that ODFW had also done a small stocking of rainbow trout to add to the mix.
Sometimes the catching was a little slow, but most of the kids landed fish and had a great time.

A fish ID poster was provided for the kids

Marcia & Bud Hartman head for a good fishing spot

Bob Judkins helps land a trout

A proud angler poses while Ken Cho removes the fish

Jim Gruber puts a bit of nightcrawler on the hook

Multnomah Channel - July 26
Walleyes have finally started to bite in the Multnomah Channel.  Russ Miyada & Tom Nelson spent a day on the river and managed to catch four walleyes.
Photos courtesy of Russ Miyada

Russ caught these three ranging from 18-21"
Great eating-size walleye

ODFW provided the fishing tackle

Neil Jenkins & Tom Nelson help a group of kids

Don Nuttbrock with kids fishing over the weeds

Tom Nelson & Russ Miyada with a couple of quick learners

Mike Austin keeping an eye on the kids

Thank you to our photographer, Larry Wong

Tom, aka "Lucky Dog" caught this
27 1/2", 7lb 3oz beauty