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May Photos


Columbia River - May 13
Bob Judkins, Bud Hartman, and Russ Miyada traveled upriver to The Dalles for some spring bass fishing.  While they caught and released several smallmouth, the fishing was not as good as it should be at this time of year.  So they loaded up the boat and headed back downriver to Hood River and found the smallmouth to be much more agreeable to their lures.  In all, almost 70 bass were caught and released. 
Photos courtesy of Russ Miyada


Prineville Reservoir - May 20-24
The Club's annual spring campout featured windy days, cold weather, poor fishing and a lot of fun.  During our stay the Central Oregon Bass Club and ODFW conducted a transfer of largemouth bass from Davis Lake to Prineville Reservoir.  We were asked to provide four boats with large livewells to move the bass to suitable habitat in the upper end of the reservoir.  The fish were delivered to the Powderhouse Cove boat ramp by the dam, which meant some long runs by our members with some beautiful bass that ran to at least 5-6 lbs. 
Photos courtesy of Russ Miyada, Hartmans & Doumitts

Bob Judkins & Bud Hartman in Bob's boat

Tom Nelson & Ken McFarland in Tom's boat

Dwayne Jackson of COBC hands Bob a net full
of nice size largemouth bass

Bob Judkins displays another pair
of largemouth bass coming from Davis Lake

Greg Prather catches another catfish
during Bullhead Madness

The Prather family typify our motto
"Family Fishing is Low Cost Fun"



Seven boats (4 OBPC) met at the Powerhouse
Cove boat ramp to load the bass

Larry Wong was Russ' co-boater

Bill Ramsour & Art Israelson in Bill's boat

Ken McFarland shows off one of the
really nice largemouth bass being transferred

During Bullhead Madness, Eric Tonsager catches
three bullhead catfish at the same time on a two-hook setup

Tom Nelson & Mike Schnell getting ready
to test their fishing skills once more

Mark Van Duser & Mike Myrick brave the
chilly weather to catch crappie, bass & catfish