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February Photos


Silver Lake, WA - February 22


Larry Wong with just two of the bunch of crappie that he, Bob Judkins and Russ Miyada caught and released.
Photo courtesy of Russ Miyada

Henry Hagg Lake - February 27
Several OBPC members gathered at Hagg Lake to construct spider block fish structures in conjunction with ODFW led by  warmwater fish biologist Gary Galovich.  32 spider blocks were assembled and will be placed at a later date when the cement has cured.
Members attending were Ray Arkus, Don Davis, Bill Egan, Jim Gruber, Tom Nelson, Dean Tonsager, Eric Tonsager, Mark Van Duser, and Garry White.
Photos courtesy of Ray Arkus









Hartman Pond - February 27
Several club members gathered at Hartman Pond to clean up debris left by fishermen who have not yet learned "Pack it in, pack it out".  Hartman Pond is named after one the charter members of the club who has contributed much to the sport of warmwater fishing in Oregon and the pond is one of OPBC's special projects.


(L to R) Judy & Dennis Isaacson, Guy Hancock, Ron Jones, Vicki Coville, Bud Hartman & Jim Liddell
(Not shown)
Don Coville, Carol & Herb Doumitt, Marcia Hartman, Russ Miyada & Jack Swart