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March Photos


New State Record Hybrid Bass
Angler:  William Sanders
Date Caught:  February 12, 2009
Where Caught:  Ana Reservoir
Weight:  18 pounds, 9.5 ounces
Length:   30 inches
Girth:  25 inches
Accepted by OBPC Board March 5, 2009 

First exceptional length fish of the year
18 3/8" Smallmouth Bass by Russ Miyada 03/22/09

Jack demonstrates one of several methods
of fishing for walleye

Rufus Fish-in - March 28
Bill Egan reported "We had 14 club members show up, and 5 boats. It was either cold and windy or cold and rainy from about 7 when we started until 1:30 when I pulled out.  There were 8 boats fishing walleye and 6 fishing sturgeon near the dam.  Water temp 43 degrees, and the dam was not dumping water.. I saw a guide boat Ed Iman get 2 fish, about 20", one of our boats got a 21" fish and My boat caught 2 males.  Mine was 191/4" and the other 181/2" both on worms.  2 of our boats were still fishing when I left so we may have caught more.  They looked like males moving up to spawn, all were caught in 20-22 foot of water.  They will probably spawn on the next full moon.  Worst day weather wise I've had up there this time of the year."
Photos courtesy of Jim Liddell


The guest speaker for the March meeting was Jack Glass, fishing guide and radio personality. His main topic for the evening was fishing techniques for walleye.
Photos courtesy of Russ Miyada

A capacity crowd listens to Jack tell not only how
to fish walleye but where and when to find them

Jim Liddell caught a 23 3/4" walleye

Brad Wanamaker snagged a carp that
reportedly put up quite a fight